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THE opening of Kobote Elementary School in Telefomin District by its MP, Hon. Solan Mirisim last Friday.



The occasion blended in with independence celebrations in the District after 4 days of building after the school had been operating without proper infrastructure for a number of years. Builders were flown in from Australia by Liklik Skul Foundation to help build at a cost of K250,000.

Founder and of Liklik skul Foundation and also Managing Director of OK Tedi Development Foundation, Mr Ian MIddlleton said he wanted to
see Telefomin District prioritize elementary education so partners like Liklik Skul Foundation could support in terms of financial assistance.



Funeral of Sir Michael Curtain KBE

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has joined with more than a thousand mourners at the funeral of the Late Sir Michael Curtain KBE in Townsville today.

Speaking after the service, the Prime Minister paid homage to the Curtain Bros founder.

“It is with sadness that we come together to mourn the loss of a true infrastructure pioneer,” the Prime Minister said.

“Many of our people looked up to him as a great business leader

“The number of people who have travelled from Papua New Guinea to be here today is an indication of the respect carried by Sir Mick.

“A man of vision, he could look at a landscape and see how it would be transformed by infrastructure.


“He was not a man to boast or to brag, but with a few words he would get on with the job.

“During our five years in Government, Curtain Brothers has been an important partner in our infrastructure delivery.”

The Prime Minister highlighted the contribution Sir Michael had made to development and strengthening skills around the country.

“Sir Mick gave thousands of people jobs and developed their skills, and helped millions to have better lives through improved roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

“Now, after his passing his work can be seen every day around us in the infrastructure he built and this will remain for hundreds of years.

“Not many people can pass from this world and leave so many monuments to their life’s work.

“Sir Michael’s commitment and work for our country will not be forgotten.”

60th NGCB Goroka Show a Success

16th September, 2016
The NGCB 60th Goroka Show was witnessed by over a thousand tourists who attended the show during the independence weekend at National Sports Institute. Over 100 different cultural groups from the highlands region and also around the country performed in colourful traditional attire at NSI on Saturday. 

Special guests who attended included Governor Julie Soso, Tourism Minister and member for Kundiawa-Gembogl, Chairman for National Gaming Control Board, Mr Leslie Hoffman and also National Gaming Control Board CEO, Ms Imelda Agon.

Governor for Eastern Highlands, Hon. Julie Soso welcomed visitors and also the public to the Opening of the NGCB 60th Goroka Show whilst emphasising the importance of women leadership roles in the country. 

She acknowledged Goroka Show Mrs. Keryn Flynn Hagreaves’s tireless commitment in working to raise the standard of Goroka Show in the province and also acknowledged National Gaming Control Board’s sponsorship of K300,000 for this year’s naming rights. 

PNG’s very own Honlly Isaac and band brought the crowd to its feet with a 5 star performance. Other artists who performed at the show included Mereani Masani and also Cheddy Ipah. 


Tourism Minister, Hon.Tobias Kulang had heaps of praise for organisers during NGCB 60th Goroka Show at National Sports Institute on Saturday.
He urged other centres around the country to stage more cultural shows and bring in more foreign exchange.

“Chimbu, Madang and other centres need to stage cultural shows and generate in revenue more foreign exchange for our country.”

Mr Kulang emphasised the importance of sustainable development in the country and said whilst Papua New Guinea contributed 2% to its total GDP in the country, it’s neighbour Fiji contributed more than 30% to its country’s total GDP.

“We need to invest in sustainable development with industries like tourism and agriculture in the country.”

He added that Mt Hagen Show attracted 500 tourists this year while Goroka show experienced an increased influx with 1,000 tourists attending this year’s show.

“Where in the world do we have a country that can showcase 800 cultures and bring more foreign exchange into the country,” Mr Kulang asked.

Mr Kulang thanked sponsors and co-sponsors for making Goroka show a success. 

NGCB donates K100,000 to Sister Helpim Sister Association

National Gaming Control donated K100,000 to Sisters Helpim Sister Association in Goroka on Saturday night as part of its vision to help empower SME mothers in the country.

National Gaming Control Board CEO, Ms Imelda Agon stressed how important NGCB’s vision was in its bid to help support SME mothers in the country.

NGCB chairman, Mr Leslie Hoffman also reaffirmed NDB’s commitment to development in the country and said the organisation had a vision to give back to communities in the country.1bd18883-2c39-4d07-be3f-cdb075181382

“Since the inception of the new board and its management, NGCB has embarked on giving back something to communities.”

Sister Helpim Sister Association was initiated to help empower SME mothers in the province.

Founders Rita and Peter Kare thanked NGCB for its contribution and said the financial support would go a long way to help mothers realise their dreams within the SME sector in the province.


Source: Post Courier


AIR NIUGINI has imposed a ban on the use of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on its international and domestic flights.

This measure follows the global recall by Samsung a week ago, after defects were found on its batteries.

According to reports the firm has sold and issued a recall on about 2.5milllion of these devices world-wide.

Aviation authorities and airlines in response had also issued ban’s prohibiting passengers from either turning on or charging the Note 7 inside aircrafts.

Air Niugini when contacted by the Post-Courier had confirmed its management had issued instructions pertaining to this issue.

“Yes, Air Niugini is aware of the recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 devices and advisory note issued by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),” the chief executive officer Simon Foo said.14355770_10210562159640114_3562274380039117651_n

Mr Foo said the national flag carrier’s Corporate Quality and Safety department has since, sent a strong advice to all ground staff- security and cabin crew to inform and ensure passengers not turn on or charge these devices on board any aircraft.

In addition not to store away any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in any checked-in baggage.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics New Zealand had confirmed a recall in progress on the Note 7 smart-phone in PNG as well.

Samsung Electronics key account manager Brad Pritchard in confirming a stop did not quantify how many of the 2.5million had been sold in PNG.

However Mr Pritchard has said that customers safety was an absolute priority and as part of its commitment to customer safety the firm is offering PNG consumers a loan phone until their replacement Note 7 arrives.

“We are advising consumers to immediately back up the information on our Note 7 then power down their device and return to their place of purchase. Alternatively Samsung can be contacted on +64 9 9152355 to assist progressing a replacement, swap or refund.”

O’Neill opens Pacific Judicial Conference

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill welcomes the participants for the Pacific Judicial Conference this morning in Port Moresby.

The Pacific Judicial Conference is underway in Port Moresby this week with the aim to enhance the quality of justice in the Pacific.

The event is being held at the Convention Centre at Waigani, starting at 8am today.

It is held every two years, which sees Chief Justice and representative Judges from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, the Federated States of 12sp_pacific_judges_conferenceMicronesia, Guam, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, PNG as well as and the USA, attend.

This is the second time PNG is hosting the Conference, the first was back in 2003 in Madang.

These meetings have been instrumental in reinforcing the commitment to independent judiciaries and constitutional governments in the diverse and mostly small islands of the Pacific.

The National Judicial Service of Papua New Guinea says it is excited about hosting this high-level event.

It says the event is is an opportunity to show case Port Moresby to the international guess together with PNG’s Judicial system, the uniqueness of the nation’s cultural diversity and the economic developments that has taken place over the years.

The event ends on Thursday, Sept 15.


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