Tourism Minister, Hon.Tobias Kulang had heaps of praise for organisers during NGCB 60th Goroka Show at National Sports Institute on Saturday.
He urged other centres around the country to stage more cultural shows and bring in more foreign exchange.

“Chimbu, Madang and other centres need to stage cultural shows and generate in revenue more foreign exchange for our country.”

Mr Kulang emphasised the importance of sustainable development in the country and said whilst Papua New Guinea contributed 2% to its total GDP in the country, it’s neighbour Fiji contributed more than 30% to its country’s total GDP.

“We need to invest in sustainable development with industries like tourism and agriculture in the country.”

He added that Mt Hagen Show attracted 500 tourists this year while Goroka show experienced an increased influx with 1,000 tourists attending this year’s show.

“Where in the world do we have a country that can showcase 800 cultures and bring more foreign exchange into the country,” Mr Kulang asked.

Mr Kulang thanked sponsors and co-sponsors for making Goroka show a success. 


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