Source: By Rose Amos via NBC News PNG, 20th October, 2016
Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has directed the Lands Department to forfeit all undeveloped land in the country.
Speaking at the National Development Forum in Port Moresby, Mr. O’Neill says the issue of undeveloped land is slowing down the Governments’ initiative to have Papua New Guineans own decent homes.
Mr. O’Neill says, the Government has allocated 200 million Kina, in which public servants can access from Bank South Pacific as loans to build their houses but land is a problem.
“I have recently given instructions to the Minister and Secretary of the Lands Department, no more UDL’s (Urban Development Lease) to be issued to individuals.
“They must be subdivided and given to Papua New Guineans, title by title to individuals throughout the country.

“We don’t want one person owning large chunks of land.
“I’ve given directions to forfeit all UDL’s in the country that have not been developed yet.
“Will have it surveyed and then create individual smaller titles for Papua New Guineans to build their own homes.”
The Prime Minister was speaking at the National Development Forum organized by the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council in Port Moresby on Monday.
The National Development Forum will today, focus on creating employment opportunities through suitable policies, strategies and partnerships.
The specific areas of discussions will include approaches to accelerate job creation in PNG, decent employment through national employment policy and long and medium term national human development plans and programs.
Labour and Industrial Relations Minister, Benjamin Poponawa, who’ll be delivering the keynote address, is among other speakers from business and economic sector, and education. Some of them include the Asian Development Bank Country Director.


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