Papua New Guinea’s money plan for 2017 will be revealed by the Treasury Department this morning at the press lock up in Parliament state function room.

Treasury Minister Patrick Pruaitch and Secretary Dairi Vele will give the final details of allocation to each sector.

After the press lock up, the Treasury Minister at 2pm Parliament sitting will introduce the 2017 National Budget to the house, and adjourned for one week for the Opposition to give its respond.

In last week Parliament sitting, Sinasina Yonggumgl MP Kerenga Kua asked the ruling government to give opposition time to research and debate before the passage of the 2017 National Budget.


This is because last year the O’Neill- Dion used its numerical strength to pass this year’s budget the same day after tabling it in Parliament.

Pruaitch in response said the opposition will be given time to respond to the budget.
“Yes, I can assure the honourable member and the house that when the budget is introduced as the tradition prevails, we will give ample time to the opposition to make a budget reply,” he replied last week.

Meanwhile, the 2016 budget was set at K14.2 billion, a deficit of K2 billion.

The Health sector received the third largest after provincial and administration allocation in this year’s money plan, passed last year.

The health sector was allocated K1, 555.9 million.

The Education sector received the fourth largest funding with K1, 312.5 million. This includes the Government’s Tuition Fee Free (TFF) getting K602 million.

Transport and Law and Order sectors, received the fifth and sixth largest budgetary allocation of K1, 254.1 million and K1, 240.9 million.

Health, education infrastructure development and law and order are the priorities of the O’Neill- Dion Government.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had continuously stated that his government have never made cuts to this priority areas and it will be no difference in the 2017 National Budget allocation


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