Government investigates ownership of Koitaki Plantation

By: Loop PNG

The National Government has launched a full scale investigation into establishing the true owner of the Koitaki Plantations.


This follows highly suspicious ownership changes of the Company’s ownership at the Companies Office at the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA).

The Government several years ago supplied hundreds of cattle from Markham to Koitaki Plantations but these herds of cattle are yet to be accounted for to date.

The Government is now working to finalise a Long Term Sustainable Economic package for the Koiari people and needs to urgently determine ownership of the Plantation as it sits on prime land in the Koiari plateau.


The Minister for Trade Commerce & Industry, Richard Maru and Chairman of the Ministerial Committee on Koiari Sustainable Economic Package has directed IPA to investigate the records and advice the Government on who  the true and legal owner of the land and the Company “Koitaki Plantations” by tomorrow.

Records at the IPA revealed that the Koitaki Plantation Limited now Koitaki Farms Limited is registered as a local company and owned by Pacific Plantations Limited, a company which is also registered as a local company BUT has all foreign directors except a national female.

Koitaki Farms Limited has over 40,000 hectares of rubber wood plantation and 110 hectares of cattle farm.

Meanwhile, Minister Maru said a technical team is currently holding a four day consultation meeting with the Koiari people in a lead up to the finalisation of a draft package to propose to the Ministerial Team he chairs for consideration and finalization.

The Minister said his Committee proposes a new long term sustainable economic package for the Koiari impact communities of the Dam, Rouna Hydro and Water Treatment Plant at Mt Eriama and PAU.

He said the majority of the people of Koiari have complained that despite millions paid to the Koiari landowners through their so-called landowner companies and so-called Chairman, they have not benefited and there is nothing to show.

“Apart from the National Government, Eda Ranu and PNG Power have been paying millions in benefits annually but where is the real tangible benefit to the Koiari impact communities. Their living standards have not improved despite the city benefiting from water and electricity from Koiari sourced water and hydro energy for over 40 years,” the Minister said.


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