By: National

THE K400 million allocated by the Government for next year’s general election is more than sufficient, Inter-Departmental Election Committee chairman and Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari says.

He said they were in the process of forming a procurement team to be headed by Secretary of Finance Dr Ken Ngangan.

“We’re confident that if we can manage the procurement system, we will live within the K400 million and even have some savings as a result,” he told The National yesterday.

“It’s all about working together.

“We have to manage the cost centres and this is what the committee has been doing.

“We are not going to be extravagant.

“Procurement will be done properly.”

In his budget speech recently, Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch said of the K400 million allocation, K279 million would go towards election operations while the rest would be for security to ensure the general election proceeded as smoothly as possible.

Lupari said the committee would meet today to discuss procurement and logistics.

“We will know by then what is the requirement of all the government agencies involved (in the general election),” he said.


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