PPL denies brokering coal power agreement

The National – Thursday November 24, 2016

PNG Power Limited (PPL) chief executive officer Chris Bais has denied a report that the company had signed a power purchase agreement with Mayur Resources to build coal-fired power plants in Lae.

“PPL has only received an unsolicited proposal from the Australian company to build the coal-fired power plant,” Bais said in a statement.

Bais said the report in The National yesterday that a power-purchase agreement had been signed was wrong.

He said the proposal was still under assessment as PPL technical teams needed to ascertain its technical and financial viability.

“It has not gone to the power-purchase agreement discussion stage yet,” Bais said.

“PPL is approaching the proposal with caution amidst environmental concerns because such an agreement for coal-fired power stations would put PNG in violation of international agreements, including the Kyoto Protocol and the recent Paris COP 21 Agreement.

“PPL is conscious of the fact that there are agreements in place with regards to renewable energy and carbon emissions which the PNG Government is a party to.

“We are also discussing with government stakeholders about this.”


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