By: Des Yaninen
Do you have a million kina idea? Tired of having your loan declined by banks because you don’t have equity or security? Well most Banks can accept customary land as long as it is titled and valued and give you funding up to 50%of its value. If you don’t want a loan you can lease it out via a commercial lease and still make plenty.

Almost everyone in PNG can be a millionaire property owner and successful SME owner through Voluntary Customary Land Registration.


If your family owns a beautiful beach for example, why not turn it into a tourist attraction and build a resort there? If you own grassland, how about raising cattle? There’s no limit to what we can do with our land.

Flora Kwapena, the former Valuer General of PNG explains how we can have our land titled and valued in her article on page 25 of today’s The National. Email her for more information on


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