Kavo refuses Papua LNG Pipeline

by: PNGLoop

Gulf Governor, Havila Kavo, remains adamant that a second pipeline will not go through the Gulf Province and cause further environmental damage like that which he alleges is caused by the PNG LNG Pipeline.

Kavo said this following the release of Gulf LNG operator, Total SA’s, Environmental Impact Study (EIS) yesterday justifying the company’s reasons to build its LNG Plant Site in Caution Bay in the Central Province.

He said the report ignored the ‘No Pipeline Policy’ affirmed by the Provincial Government and people.

“Whilst the Total SA’s desire to comply with politically correct measures in so far as minimal impact on environment is noted but my government is of the strong view that running a second pipeline across the length and breadth of Gulf Province to the Central Province is counter productive and poses serious and greater risk to marine eco-system and consequently affect coastal communities and their livelihood,” said Kavo in a statement.

He said the building of the Gulf LNG Processing Plant in the Gulf Province is an environmentally friendly and economically viable option to take.

This he says will bring about optimum wealth creation for the province through the maximization of social and economic benefits, equitable wealth sharing, maximum skills and technology transfers.

“The truth of the matter is this is a ‘capitalist agenda’ to maximize profits in a very short time span from their investments at serious consequence to the ‘social wellbeing’ of the local communities who remain the same many years after the project is gone. As the Governor I want the best for my people,” Kavo said.

He said the province remained commited to the Papua LNG Project but it has to be developed in Gulf Province.

Kavo calls for more dialogue with Total SA and for the company to consider their position.

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  • Multi-nationals like Total SA must be stopped in their tracks. Such entities cannot dictate what they want at the expense of the ordinary villagers and landowners. Corporate greed must not be perpetuated over the social well being of citizens, their lands and environment. Total SA’s lack of understanding of the cultural, sociological and environment considerations over enhancing its own profit margins, clearly hand in hand with corrupt and selfish government cannot be left unchallenged. Landowners, the province and its people will stand their ground and refuse exit of any pipelines out of Gulf. The people have had enough of the greed that is centred on advancing the pockets of greedy, self serving multi-nationals and corrupt politicians. The resources belong to the people of Gulf, First. It is in Total SA’s best interests that it has direct dialogues with the Gulf Provincial and affected Local Level Governments, tribal chiefs and elders and landowners. Enough is enough. Gulf First.

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