PNG Mining Conference Updates:

Oil Search CEO, Mr Peter Botten said the key to achieving full potential of success within the mining and petroleum sector was through

“In my 24 years I have seen so much opportunity and added there is obviously substantial potential remaining in the country. There is a range of domestic opportunities and a range of other opportunities,” Mr Botten said.

Mr Botten said despite the challenges faced by the PNG economy, stability in government with right policies and the right balance around fiscal management plus involving communities through partnership and collaboration were the key right ingredients to success.


He said Oil Search’s success was built around community involvement.

“Without bringing the communities along we will not have a business in Papua New Guinea. We will loose the communities we will loose our business,” Mr Botten said.

He emphasized the importance of establishing partnership with communities and also the national government was vital to help deliver expectations in communities has never been more important and a core part of Oil Search’s strategy.

Mr Botten said the mining and petroleum industry needed to play its role in working in partnership with the government and also communities to realize its full potential in the country.

“The future for PNG is extremely bright in my opinion. I’m still extremely optimistic where this business (Oil Search) can go in Papua New Guinea,” he said.


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