DataCo signs land cable deal


PNG’s first telecommunications cabling landing facility is soon to become a reality after the signing of deal between Indonesian and Jayapuran telecommunications experts.

A landing Party Agreement between Indonesian telecommunications company Telin and PNG telecommunications provider DataCo was signed on Tuesday in Bali between the Marketing and Sales Director of Telin Budi Satria Dharma Purba and the Managing Director of PNG DataCo Mr Paul Komboi.

The signing points to advancements in PNG’s telecommunications industry that will harness internationally proven telecommunications technologies and harness them for maximum efficiency in the PNG context.


Under the agreement, Telin will construct landing station facility for submarine cable system which will be owned by PNG DataCo that connects Vanimo (PNG) and Jayapura (Indonesia).

This network of deep sea cables will allow for the next step in telecommunications efficiency within the country as the fibre optic cabling wrought by the deal expands on already explored telecommunications ideas.

Telin will bring data and communications traffic from PNG DataCo using Telikom Group’s global submarine cable system networks around the world.

“We are pleased to collaborate with PNG DataCo and bring the solution for their connectivity through the Strategic Collaboration with PNG DataCo, a state owned Domestic and International Wholesale telecommunications provider in PNG.

“This partnership not only offering a Global Network Extension but also creates opportunity for both companies to grow our business together in the future,” said Budi Satria Dharma Purba.

DataCo’s Paul Komboi expressed similar sentiments saying that he was thrilled to have Telin as a partner to share in the mutually beneficial endeavour.

“We are also very excited to be associated with and partnering with Telin,” said Mr Komboi.

“The LPA signing will allow us to land our cable in Jayapura and via through Telin and its international Network now have an immense opportunity to work together and grow in the international business.”

The agreements of these two companies are applied on a long term basis which is expected to support the economy and technological perspective of both countries as well as strengthen the bilateral relationship that has been well maintained between Indonesia and PNG.


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