Mobile users given 12 months to register sims by NICTA


MOBILE phone users have 12 months to register their Sim cards, NICTA chief executive officer Charles Punaha said.

Mr Punaha said Bmobile Vodafone has almost completed its registration while Digicel faced delays because it wanted to set up a new system next year.

With the existing customers including Telikom who has recently moved from their code division multiple accesses onto the 4G long term evolution services.

He said Telikom is also in the process of migrating from CDMA to 4G so as part of the process when they are changing the handsets and the Sims they are also registering, so most of their existing customers have already been registered.

“The only delay is with Digicel and the delay is attributed to them selecting a equipment vendor because they want to set up a totally new system


Sim Registration is mandatory in Papua New Guinea

They have now selected the equipment vendor and indications from Digicel are that they should be able to complete their registrations by June 2017,” he said.

Punaha said according to their records the number of Digicel subcribers registered is small because they have been waiting for the roll out of their equipment.

“They have given us the indications that by June they should be able to complete but all the operators are required to submit a report on what they are doing and telling us the numbers of subscribers on a 30 day period so we’re monitoring it on a 30-day basis.

“We will have an update with all the service providers come New Year however at this stage we want to remind subscribers that the number of days as we go on is being reduced, we are now only left with 12 months so people need to register.

But we are reasonably satisfied with the progress that has been made and by indications we should be able to complete the process during those remaining months.”


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