PNG ready to host APEC

PAPUA New Guinea is well prepared to take care of the needs of the 20 top world leaders when they meet in Port Moresby for the APEC Leaders’ Summit in 2018. APEC – Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation – chief executive officer Christopher Hawkins said that Port Moresby’s Jackson International Airport had sufficient parking for 4 Code E aircraft and peak passenger movement and was undergoing further redevelopment.

Mr Hawkins said that PNG had sufficient venues to host APEC and there were enough cruise ships and hotels which would supplement accommodation for the leaders. He also said that the new University campus village would accommodate the second-tier media.

This was his presentation to the heads of government missions last week for their usual APEC and 2017 National Election briefing.


Chief Secretary to Government Isaac Lupari told the foreign dignitaries that Papua New Guinea’s commitment to host APEC 2018 demonstrated the Government’s strong desire to consolidate APEC’s agenda of promoting  sustainable, open and secure economic growth and prosperity within the region, and globally.

“It also demonstrates PNG’s broadening engagement and active participation to collectively strengthen trade and investment linkages in the region,” he said.

Early this year the Government launched an operations order which is a strategic document that articulates our strategic intent, which is to, “provide a safe and secure environment to successfully host APEC 2018.”

It further identified the number of security agencies that would be involved and their respective tasks that they had to carry out, either individually or in collaboration with other agencies to achieve the strategic intent.

Mr Lupari said that APEC security operation would be led and delivered by the PNG APEC 2018 joint taskforce, which was an inter-agency taskforce that would be led by a senior police officer, and supported by all agencies identified in the operations order.

He said that while the operation order identifies specific tasks for each agency involved in the security operations, it also identifies agency capacity and capability gaps. “These will be addressed to allow agencies to deliver on their identified tasks,” he said.

Mr Lupari said that additionally, some of the “high end” capability requirements would be addressed through engagement with bilateral partners, “who have kindly raised their hands to support us host APEC 2018. Our officials have already started discussions with our friends on this aspect of the planning and preparations,”  he said.


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