Government to focus on priority areas – Lupari

THE Government’s plan for 2017 is plain and simple, to consolidate on investments in health, education, infrastructure, law and order and empowering the people. Chief Secretary to Government Isaac Lupari said this yesterday as public servants throughout the country begin the 2017 calendar year.

“We will focus on consolidating investments in health, education, infrastructure, law and order and empowerment of our people through district and provincial services improvement program (DSIP and PSIP).


“Government’s investments in these priority areas have paid dividends. We are now seeing unprecedented changes everywhere. There is improved delivery of health care, additional one million children attending schools, decline in law and order, increased in small and medium enterprise activities, rehabilitation of transport and socio-economic infrastructure, and service delivery in the districts, which was absent for many years.

“These positive outcomes are a result of political stability, resulting policy stability and more so is the consistency in funding over the last 4 and half years,” he said. Mr Lupari said the 2017 budget is premised in consolidating these gains, and laying a strong socio-economic foundation for sustained growth and development.

“We know 2017 will be another challenging year, but with the stability, confidence and improvement in public service, we can achieve these objectives. Beside this, we will focus on delivery of a free and fair election and APEC 2018.

“Good thing is we have started the preparations 3 years ago.

“Government has invested in both these activities, and I am confident that we will deliver on these two activities.

“The key challenge for us is not so much economic issues – it is ability of our public service.  Public service continues to be the major obstacle to implementation and delivery of the government’s policies and program.

“It is important that every public servant in the country reflect on our performance in 2016, and start 2017 with a change in attitude, and take greater ownership. Changes in attitude was evident in 2016. We must build on these improvements in 2017. We owe to our people and children. It is incumbent upon all public servants to work together as a team. As Team PNG, we will deliver. If we continue to work in isolation, we will lose. Who is going to suffer the pain?

“The Government has delivered on its part with the right policies and funding, we have to play our part.

“Finally, I encourage every leader, right from the Districts, Provinces, and at national level to support the public service, including public service reform program. “We need your encouragement, motivation and support in 2017


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