PPL Engineers undertake Training


EIGHT PNG Power Limited engineers have undergone a refresher course on electrical engineering transmission lines design.

The course is facilitated by electrical communication engineering department’s Joe Fisher and Gibson Kupale from the University of Technology.


Ramu grid project manager Aaron Awa said on Wednesday during the presentation of certificates that the refresher course was to equip workers participating meaningfully during the construction of Ramu System Transmission Reinforcement Project (RSTRP).

Mr Awa said the project is currently underway, and being the leader, he wants to ensure it is outstanding and depicts the quality to benefit the people for many years.

“This training was initiated to upskill new engineers in the project who just passed out from universities with electrical engineering qualifications to be more familiar with electrical expertise where for experienced engineers is to target practical aspect more correctly.

“We need to master our calculations when conducting transmission as there are times when consultants can fool us easily.

“Most times we were given transmission designs and we do estimated calculations but now after this course, I will be strict on my engineers to implement what was learnt,” Mr Awa said.

He said it was invaluable knowledge and training which will contribute in seeing PPL transform to satisfy customers.

Unitech deputy head of ECE department Gibson Kupale said the training conducted outlined details in the EE transmission lines design and hoped all tutorials will be implemented.

“Our vision is to reach out to industries and properly train them with the right knowledge when they are out on the field,” he said.



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