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Inaugural PNG Petroleum and Energy Summit starts today

By: Post Courier – 28th February 2017

The Inaugural PNG Petroleum and Energy Summit is aimed at building platforms for future projects in the petroleum and energy sector. Speaking to the media yesterday, Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL) managing director Wapu Sonk highlighted the need for more energy to source power for electricity.

He said the summit was one that would bring people with expertise to engage and help the government achieve its vision 2030 and 2050 goals.

Mr Sonk said that the main driver for this summit is to look at how far the country has come as an industry since the oil and PNG LNG productions in 2014 and with few more developments that were planned.

Taking advantage of that, he added that they are now looking at how best they can help the government in achieving its vision 2030 and 2050 by moving into the energy sector so that the people of this country can have access to cheap and reliable power services (electricity).

“The main purpose of this summit is to bring people and their expertise as well as finances to PNG. Therefore through this summit we can be able to exchange knowledge and making connections that will make the government’s visions for its people to have access to electricity a reality.


“Our people need energy so we are trying to get to that platform, we are trying to find energy solution providers and with this summit we are hoping that they will come and provide us with that, whether it is geothermal, solar solutions, or hydro solutions.

“Those are the type of energy solutions that we are looking to bring, using our projects that is happening in the oil and gas,” he said.

Mr Sonk said using the experiences that the industry has from the PNG LNG Project, the third training including the Papua LNG projects were trying to build platforms that would enable the government to work with them to set project policies.

A total of 450 delegates are confirmed to attend the summit starting today and will end on Thursday. The delegates comprise mainly of existing LNG buyers and some prospective buyers and have also attracted a lot of big names in the industry, according to Mr Sonk.


Port Moresby Jacksons International Airport to undergo upgrade

By: One PNG

THE National Airport Corporation (NAC) is now embarking on major improvements at the Port Moresby International Airport (PMIA). Acting managing director Richard Yopo announced that paid parking at Port Moresby’s Jackson International Airport car parks will be introduced in the second quarter of 2017 and an Airport Bus operation is planned to commence at the same time. 

The introduction of Airport Taxi Contracts to taxi companies in the city has already been tendered to ensure cabs operating at the airport are of the highest service standards in the city. Mr Yopo said that these cabs will have access to the terminal kerbsides, thereby enabling passengers to be picked up and dropped off right in front of the terminal buildings. 

The National Airport Corporation is also looking at installing a world class system that will not only provide security, safety and convenience for car park customers, but also generate revenue that is necessary for the sustenance of its airport facilities. NAC operates 22 national airports across the country with three of these subsidising the cost of operating the rest. 

“NAC receives very little operational funding from the Government even though there is a greater expectation from the Government for such institutions like NAC to be self-sustained going into the future.

The improvements to the PMIA Car Parks and Transport services is part of the overall revenue drive supported by the NAC Board to generate revenue that will go towards improvements and operational upkeep of other airports as well,” Mr Yopo said.
 “In addition to CCTV surveillance at the PMIA Car Parks, NAC will also provide covered walkways for car park users and secure gated parking for travellers who wish to leave their vehicles at the airport overnight or for long term. Customers will be able to pay for parking using their credit cards as well as book a parking slot online through the new PMIA website when the system comes into operation in the future,” he said. 

“In 2017, NAC will be implementing changes to the operations of the Port Moresby International Airport.

These changes encompass improvements to parking, transport to and from the airport and taxi access to the terminal kerbsides. The changes are guided by provisions of the Civil Aviation Act 2000,” he said. He said the projects will start immediately with Expressions of Interest for taxi contracts and the supply and installation of the Parking System to be made public in the coming days. The Airport Bus operation is planned to commence in the second quarter of 2017.


By: NBC News
Only 15 000 students out of 23 000 students who sat for the Grade 12 examination were eligible for selection into tertiary institutions while remaining 8 000 missed out.
This is according to the Tertiary Admissions and Scholarship Division under the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.
The 15 000 were eligible to continue into tertiary institutions after scoring the required Grade Point Average (GPA) of between 1.6 to 4 points, however, only 10 000 were accepted.
Currently, there are 5 000 Grade 12 school leavers from 2016 who are qualified or are eligible for tertiary institutions, but were not accepted.
They will be now forced to find spaces in institutions or upgrade their marks just like the other 8 000 school leavers who were not eligible for selection and are encouraged to upgrade.

Gerehu Students sitting for national exam

Executive Manager of Tertiary Admissions and Scholarship Division, Thimon Bune, was addressing the students and staff of the University of Technology during their orientation program this week at the Taraka campus. 
Mr Bune said this now means that universities and colleges have no choice but to start selecting eligible students starting from the top. 
In other words, selectors in the various institutions will start selecting eligible students starting with those with GPA’s of 4 or those scored straight A’s, until they reach their set quota. 
Mr Bune said other latest improvements include a K30 fortnightly allowance for each selected students under the Tertiary Education Scholarship Assistance Scheme (TESAS) starting this year. 
NBC News- Gabriel Lahoc (Lae)


 By: Toa Sime
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is pleased that the global surfing community is learning about Papua New Guinea as a destination for surfing tourism.
Mr. O’Neill’s comments come as competitors from around the world prepare to travel to Papua New Guinea for the Kumul PNG World Longboard Championships at Tupira along the North Coast of Madang province from the 18th to 25th March this year.
This will be Papua New Guinea’s first ever international surfing event.

Prime Minister O’Neill said the country is looking forward to hosting the event as people around the world begin to discover PNG as a great surfing destination, with challenging waves in pristine waters on beautiful beaches Mr O’Neill wishes all competitors and spectators an enjoyable time at this inaugural event. 
And he congratulates the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea for their efforts in promoting surfing in the nation and bringing this competition to the country.
The Kumul PNG World Longboard Championships will be an outstanding event and showcase outstanding male and female competitors, and invite surfers from around the world to visit Papua New Guinea.
NBC News – Toa Sime
Photo – Tupira Surf Club

Form 29 Registration ends Tuesday 28th February..

By: Post Courier -February 27,2017, 02:52 am

ELECTORAL Commissioner Patilias Gamato has advised that Form 29 registration ends tomorrow.
Mr Gamato has also advised the public especially those intending candidates who seek to qualify and contest the 2017 National Election that the draw at close of nominations would determine the positions on the candidate poster.
He said at the time of nomination, candidates should be clear on their party affiliation. Changes to party affiliation can not occur after the close of nominations.
The candidate poster contains the name of the electorate, the name of the election, the names of all candidates contesting the election, a photo for National Election (no photo is required for local level government election).
“Candidates must provide the following to the returning officer or assistant returning officer: completed forms: Form 29 – Candidate information and Form 23 – Nomination of candidates, Official receipt – evidence nomination fee has been paid, and 4 passport size photos (for National Elections only).,” he said.

“Candidates are required to pay a nomination fee for National Elections. This fee is currently subject to Parliament decision however any prescribed nomination fee approved can be paid at a Provincial Treasury office, a District Treasury office or a Bank South Pacific branch.
“Nominations are open from when the writ is issued for seven days.
“A returning officer can accept nominations for this entire period.
“An assistant returning officer can only accept nominations for the first five days.
“Candidates can go to the office of the returning officer, assistant returning officer or provincial returning officer for the electorate where the election is to be held,” he said.
“Also, refunds will be given if a candidate dies before the end of the polling period, or a nomination can be withdrawn by the candidate before nominations closing time by submitting Form 26 – Withdrawal by Candidate of Consent to Nomination.”

Digicel to cut workforce by 25% worldwide

By: Online News

Businessman Denis O’Brien’s telecoms group Digicel will cut up to a quarter of its workforce over the next 18 months as part of a “transformation programme” announced by the company.
In a statement on its website Digicel said it was designing an organisation which would be “fit for purpose for 2030 and beyond”.
Digicel has around 6,000 staff across 31 countries primarily in the Caribbean and Central America.

A plan to reorganise the group around a small number of regional hubs and to centralise back office functions will see the company cut around one in four jobs.
The statement said this would be done through a “voluntary separation programme” and would begin in March.
Digicel had planned an initial public offering (IPO) of shares in the company in 2015 through which it hoped to raise up to $2 billion.
The plan to list the company in the US was shelved, however, as investors were not prepared to meet the valuation Digicel expected. “Why would you sell your front garden when you know it’s worth a lot of money and why would you sell at a discount?” Mr O’Brien said in an interview with CNBC at the time.
Digicel is carrying debt of over $6 billion. It has been dealing with falling revenues and currency depreciation in some of its biggest markets relative to the US dollar which makes its dollar denonminated debt more expensive to repay in local currency terms.
Alongside its announcement of a redundancy programme Digicel also said it was partnering with ZTE, a Chinese telecoms equipment company, on what it called a “multi year network upgrade programme”.

Landowners want inputs into TOR for ManuManu Investigations

BY: Annette Kora – 08:05, February 23, 2017

Landowners representing clans in the Manumanu and Gabadi areas have called on the Prime Minister to include their concerns when setting up the Terms of Reference in the proposed Commission of Inquiry.

Joint Spokespersons, John Daroa and Rev. John Ovia in a media conference today thanked the Prime Minister for sidelining two of his ministers involved in the acquisition process and encouraged him to stick to his commitment in setting up the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the matter.

John Daroa said landowners in two separate letters this month raised their concerns with the Prime Minister over the allegations surrounding the compulsory land acquisition process of portions 154, 406, 421, 422, 423 and 424 of Manumanu (NE), Fourmil of Aroa, Central Province.

“However, before the investigations begin, the landowners would like to ask the Prime Minister who we understand sets up the Terms of Reference for COI’s to include the landowners concerns in bringing to light how the transactions took place between all the parties involved in the acquisitions of the allotments,” said Daroa

“We hold the Prime Minister to his commitment to return the land to the Manumanu and Gabadi people.”


He added that the LO’s were aware that a petition concerning the propriety of the said acquisition was submitted to the Prime Minister’s office in April 2016 which resulted in the matter being raised in this recent sitting of parliament.

The Terms of Reference the landowners recommend to the Prime Minister to be included are as follows;

  • What is the nature of the legal interest held by the State Lease Title Holder in Portions 154, 406, 421, 422, 423 and 424 at or just prior to its recent sale?
  • Whether the purported Title Holder acquired their interest in a proper and businesslike manner in accordance with the land laws?
  • What were the natures of the legal interest of the traditional landowners, if any residual or otherwise in respect of the land prior to and after the sale?
  • In respect of the purported compulsory acquisition, were the legal procedures prescribed by the law including s.54 of the Constitution fully complied with?
  • Did the State, prior to the sale and purchase of the land conduct and current and future land use requirement of the local landowners?
  • If any of the questions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 above are answered in the negative, what relief would the commission of Inquiry recommend in favor of the traditional landowners?

The six (6) Terms of Reference were recommended and purposely designed to shed light on issues affecting the landowners in the proposed COI, signed by the landowner representatives of the different affect clans.

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