Israel Visa Agreement Starts

By: Post Courier

The Papua New Guinea Israel Jewish Council applauds the Governments of Israel and Papua New Guinea for finalising the agreement between the State of Israel and the Government of Papua New Guinea on visa exemption for holders of diplomatic, service/official and national/ordinary passports, commencing January 24, 2017.


Under this arrangement, Israeli nationals will not require visas to enter PNG ports for 60 days and PNG nationals to enter Israeli Ports for up to 90 days.

In a statement the council said the agreement would not have been possible without the special relationship of Prime Ministers Peter O’Neill and Benjamin Netanyahu, and thanked them both for enacting this important framework.

They said with Israel’s continuing dominance in education, health, hi-tech and agriculture, and Papua New Guinea’s extractive wealth and its potential destination for tourism, this arrangement provides a deeper engagement for our people, businesses and governments to exchange, interact and build the unique relationship that commenced days after Papua New Guinea’s independence.

PNGIJC also thanks Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and his government for their continuing protection and security of PNG nationals to access sacred sites of the Bible in Israel and more importantly Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people.


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