O’Neill proposes to return land to landowners

By: Issac Nicolas

PM was responding to questions by Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo, who asked about the petition given by the people of Gabadi and Manumanu in relation to the current land saga.

“What is the position of government especially from PM who is the chairman of NEC?” Mr Isoaimo asked


Prime Minister O’Neill in response informed Parliament that he has received a briefing Note from officials yesterday morning.

“This is the first time I received a detailed report on the issues surrounding that land and also a petition from Governor of Central Province on behalf of the traditional landowners of Manumanu several months ago,” Mr O’Neill said

“I have instructed officials to look through and see how we can help traditional landowners who are living on the land.”

“I want to assure the good Member for Kairuku-Hiri that I made commitment to the Governor much earlier before the issues that are now discussed, that I will as I have done in the case of Woodlark that I intend to allow the people of Manumanu to remain and I am looking at the possibility of returning portions of the land back to landowners.”

“That I intend to honour.”

Mr O’Neill said he had received the report and would check it before making a public statement in due course



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