Loop PNG – Friday, February 10, 2017 5:30 pm

By Annette Kora
The government cannot take customary land away from their rightful land owners.
Dame Josephine Abaijah said this when the landowners from all over Central Province held a gathering regarding the illegal land purchase of Manumanu.

Dame Josephine told landowners gathered to stand together in the fight against land grabbing in Central Province for the sake of their children’s future.
“Enough is enough,” said Dame Josephine.
“Forty years, I said this was going to happen to Papuan people and this is what’s happening now. We cannot be pushed around like this whenever someone comes looking for land to buy.”
Dame Josephine said she is going to fight for Papua to get independence and autonomy as Papua will not be able to get it any other way.
She adds that the Governor General should have the decency and courage to dissolve the parliament.
“Many of our parliamentarians are doing illegal dealings behind the natives and local landowners.”
“Some of those who have been fighting have died already and those of us who are fighting now will die soon and what will happen to the Papuan children and my concern is what is going to happen to these children,” said Dame Josephine.
“I will fight till go to my grave and I challenged and encourage you all to stand united with me in this fight against our home land.”



One comment

  • Terence Leonard Kassman

    I’m with you on this forum, enough is enough.
    I am going to put my life on the line if I have to. The last Ten years of the PNG NATIONAL PARLIAMENT has been nothing but stumbled upon corruption and devilish greed of breeds who are overturning laws of the land to suit their personal greed.
    We are so belly full of this bullying tactics, we also want to bring all the corrupt ministers to justice to face charges in miss using the people’s money for their undesignated purpose, justice for the people. I want 20 year sentences and more for corruption, rape and acquisitions of customary land pinching to be on the same basket.
    Thanks for your support and encouragement for the Papuan Regions strive for independence and prosperity

    Terence Leonard Kassman


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