PNG NGE2017 Ballot Papers printing underway

MORE than 10 million ballot papers are now in print in Pura, Indonesia, as officials are taking turns to monitor and supervise printing.

PNG Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato has deliberated on what is being printed which details blue coloured ballot papers for Provincial Seats and yellow for Open Seats.
The ballot paper will have a hologram with nine security features and which cannot be reprinted or photocopied anywhere in PNG.
Mr Gamato said a total of 10 million papers are now in print in Pura, Indonesia. About 4.8 million eligible voters were enrolled in the last election event in 2012. Of that figure about 3.7 million voters voted in the last event so the 10 million papers are still sufficient to cater for the voters in National Election 2017.
“Printing of Ballot Papers is progressing well in Pura Indonesia. PNGEC officials are taking turns to monitor and supervise printing in Pura as we would do it here with GPO. Printing is expected to be completed by end of February 2017 and shipped to PNG by end of March 2017.
“Ballot Papers will be unpacked from the containers and reallocated according to the final enrolment figures before the ballot papers are delivered 2 weeks before polling commences, under police escort to districts and wards where polling will take place.
“The polling schedules for 2017 National Election are ready, including dates of where polling will take place across the country. These dates will be gazetted as part of the Polling Place by March 2017,” he said.
“Big Ticket Order Items have been placed starting January 2017 to secure all the materials and supplies that will be required for the election, including stationeries, T/Shirts, vests, indelible inks and seals and production of ballot boxes.
For training manuals, eight key training manuals have been developed to train the Temporary Election Workers and scrutineers for the 2017 National Election.
“These training manuals are: Nomination manual, Scrutineer’s manual, Polling manual, Presiding Officers Instructions, Counting Official’s manual. Currently we are printing the manuals.
“Education awareness and training will be conducted using different modes of education and awareness strategies including the media, SMS blasts on mobile phones to disseminate messages to people. Print and TV media outlets will also be used,” he said.


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