Donations needed for POM General Hospital Emergency 

SOS call for kind donations. 

As at 6:35pm after supervision of the pm shift work, at POM Gen Emergency Department; we have none of the following:

1. Face masks

2. Gloves (last box left!)

3. Alcohol swabs 

4. Urine bags

5. Cervical collars

6. Plasters

7. Bandages

8. POP wools

9. POP casts

10. Nebulizer cups

11. Glucometer (none at all!!)

12. Glucostrips

13. ECG/Defib gel

14. ECG dots (Allyn Welch)

15. ECG papers (Allyn Welch)

16. Phenytoin IV

17. Crepe bandages

Friday night chaos is anticipated, and we know we are not ready, and will not give our best. We do however, have solid manpower. 
Inbox me or simply drop by at PMGH ED and offer anything you can. 

Help save lives. 
God bless you. 
Dr. Sam Yockopua

Chief – Emergency Medicine


One comment

  • This is not true. No donations required. PMGH has built up a stock of 3 months of everything. I myself spoke to the Dr on duty in ED at 8:09 PM and everything was available.
    Yes, they ran out of this in their ED stock during the shift but the pharmacist was called who replenish d from the Pharmacy stock.


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