Form 29 Registration ends Tuesday 28th February..

By: Post Courier -February 27,2017, 02:52 am

ELECTORAL Commissioner Patilias Gamato has advised that Form 29 registration ends tomorrow.
Mr Gamato has also advised the public especially those intending candidates who seek to qualify and contest the 2017 National Election that the draw at close of nominations would determine the positions on the candidate poster.
He said at the time of nomination, candidates should be clear on their party affiliation. Changes to party affiliation can not occur after the close of nominations.
The candidate poster contains the name of the electorate, the name of the election, the names of all candidates contesting the election, a photo for National Election (no photo is required for local level government election).
“Candidates must provide the following to the returning officer or assistant returning officer: completed forms: Form 29 – Candidate information and Form 23 – Nomination of candidates, Official receipt – evidence nomination fee has been paid, and 4 passport size photos (for National Elections only).,” he said.

“Candidates are required to pay a nomination fee for National Elections. This fee is currently subject to Parliament decision however any prescribed nomination fee approved can be paid at a Provincial Treasury office, a District Treasury office or a Bank South Pacific branch.
“Nominations are open from when the writ is issued for seven days.
“A returning officer can accept nominations for this entire period.
“An assistant returning officer can only accept nominations for the first five days.
“Candidates can go to the office of the returning officer, assistant returning officer or provincial returning officer for the electorate where the election is to be held,” he said.
“Also, refunds will be given if a candidate dies before the end of the polling period, or a nomination can be withdrawn by the candidate before nominations closing time by submitting Form 26 – Withdrawal by Candidate of Consent to Nomination.”


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