Michelle Hau’ofa: My dad died with courage, dignity and grace

BY: Quintina Naime 06:30, March 6, 2017

Famous radio legend, the late Roger Hau’ofa passed on with courage, dignity and grace, says daughter Michelle Hau’ofa.

Ms Hau’ofa spoke out following her father’s death on Saturday, March 4, at Iare village in Kairuku District, Central Province.

The late Hau’ofa, from Tonga, was 73 years old and had been broadcasting in Papua New Guinea for over 50 years.

She said that he passed on peacefully surrounded by family at the family home in Iare Village.


“He was as strong as a lion until the very end and went out on his own terms with courage, dignity and grace.

“Dad had suffered for over a year now and spent a month in intensive care at the Pacific International Hospital.

“In the end, he was just tired of the needles and tubes as it was a very painful experience for him.

“He said he didn’t want to die in the hospital and he asked to stop all treatment and he wanted to go home to mum’s village at Iare,” Ms Hau’ofa explained.

She said her late father wanted to spend his last days there so they consulted with the family and all agreed that if that’s what he wanted, then that’s what they would support.

Hau’ofa was flown by a Helifix chopper to Iare Village on Thursday, March 2 at 4.30pm.

“He’s been in pain for such a long time and suffered weeks of being in agony and just wanted to be out of hospital.


“He was as strong as a lion and went peacefully on his own terms where he wanted to be, surrounded by family and by those who loved him and those that he loved.

“Like the hero and the great man he is, he did it on his own terms,” Ms Hau’ofa tearfully said.

The body of the late Hau’ofa is now at the Dove Funeral Home and details of the funeral arrangements will be announced later this week.



One comment

  • I grew up with Mr. Hau’ofa on the radio … his calm and fatherly voice soothing those morning nerves from rushing to school … easing the restlessness of the traffic congestion on the way home in the bus … in the evening giving a kind of reassurance that tomorrow was going to be ok … regardless.
    Now on the road to yesterday and in our memories he lives … reminding us of an era that is coming to an end. It will be no suprise if your voice grace the airwaves of heaven.
    Farewell great man … I salute you.


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