O’Neill nominates Judge Sawong for Kabwum Open

By: Post Courier

Thousands of people from Kabwum have turned out yesterday to welcome Prime Minister Peter O’Neill who was there to support the people’s national congress party candidate.
Former Judge Don Sawong is contesting under the PNC banner and yesterday PM O’Neill flew to Kabwum to witness his nomination and later speak to the people of Kabwum.
This is the seat that was left vacant by now Governor General Bob Dadae.
PM O’Neill is now ending today (Thursday) his support for candidates under PNC nominating before he goes on a full eight weeks campaign trail to support all his members and to visit all provinces to see the development that his O’Neill Dion Government had delivered.
PNC Party also launches its campaign program on Wednesday 01, 2017.

How is this for a smart piece of politics?
For the Prime Minister Peter Oniell, a man who has been repeatedly and diligently accused of stealing, corruption and ruining the country’s economy, and courting and battling an outstanding Arrest Warrant for questioning on the criminal matter involving Paul Parakas case, to appear with a former Judge of the National Court of Papua New Guinea, and only retired recently Justice Sawong, Ret. and to be endorsed by his Political Party PNC, for nomination and Election is a stamp of approval indeed.

A brilliant piece of a political maneuvering. This gesture alone signifies that Peter Oniell is an astute politician, a brilliantly strategist and thinker. It is for this reason why he has maintain power as the Prime Minister, despite the arrest warrants, bad and negative publicity, and survied a Court induced Vote of No Confidence, with a landslide. An overwhelming victory.

I said before if only 10 PNC MPs return to Parliament. PNC will form the Government.


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