Former PNC General Secretary to contest Lufa Open

By: Gorothy Kenneth – Post Courier

General Secretary of the ruling People’s National Congress party Eddie Mike Jondi has resigned to contest the Lufa Open seat

Mr Jondi came second in the 2012 National General Election and he is confident of winning the seat this time


“PNC Party has delivered on the five (5) main pillar policies of Free Education, Improved Healthcare, Better Infrastructure, Stronger Law and Order, & Growing our Economy, that we took to the people in 2012 National General Election and we are confident that the people will judge us according to our performances and no doubt they will return PNC Party back after this election”, said Mr Jondi.

Mr Jondi further stated that, work to rebuild this country has just started and PNC Party will return after the election to continue rebuilding the country.
The outgoing General Secretary wished PNC Party’s 93 Candidates a successful election campaign.


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