DATE: 4th May 2017 – SOURCE: NBC RADIO


During Q & A (Question and Answers) time on NBC radio, the Prime Minister supported the ‘one house one family’ policy by intending candidate for NCD Regional Mr Steven Kilage and described the concept as a very good initiative.

“Let me say that when the PNC –led government has the opportunity to lead our government in 2017 onwards, after the elections, I can assure you that we are quite prepared to sit down with him, get his thoughts on what he’s planning and how he’s going to roll out that policy,” O’Neill said.


Mr O’Neill said one of the things that interested him personally was about public housing issues.


He said we couldn’t afford to allow our citizens to continue to live in squatters all around the nation and assured the national that between 2017 and 2018 his government would enter into a resettlement program for all settlers through a public housing program.


“That means government must get into building low-cost housing, affordable housing to Papua New Guineans so they can be able to live in urban areas in public housing programs,” he said.


PM O’Neill said such models were similar to what countries like Australia rolled out in the 1960s and 70s and even UK and many other countries.

“We have an obligation to making sure that public housing program is initiated. The thing is about “how do we fund this?” We need to grow our economy. We need to make sure that our coffee industry is working, our cocoa industry is working, our agriculture industries are working our tourism industry is working,” he said.


Prime Minister O’Neill said if the national government had more money it would invest more money into programs that would socially benefit our people.

“Public housing, water, power, these are things that we can be able to roll out to our people. And we can certainly wish Mr. Kilage all the very best. He’s got a very good initiative, something that we can work together,” he said.


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