Mother’s Day a time to empower women: PM

By : The National

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, pictured, says that the celebration of Mother’s Day is a time to highlight the need for greater community action to empower women and girls, and to take a stand against gender-based violence.

“From our mothers comes life and learning and we must always appreciate the role our mothers play in our communities,” O’Neill said.

“I ask all Papua New Guineans to think of their mothers and to spend time with your families.”

O’Neill said Mothers’ Day was also a time for men to reflect on the treatment of women in society and what could be done to empower women in our communities to deal with violence.

“The education of girls is a priority for our Government and there are hundreds of thousands of girls now in school who never had that chance before. We must empower young girls to have a better chance at employment, to take greater control of their lives and to make informed family planning decisions. Above all else, men must stand strong to end violence against women.



Prime Minister Peter O’Neil

“Violence against women should be tolerated, no matter what.

“Every male in our country has a role to play in dealing with this problem.

“If you are someone who cannot control your temper, you have to seek help to change your ways. If you do not, the law will catch up with you.

“More funding is being committed to deal with violence against women, to arrest men who are violent and to ensure they are tried and convicted. Community leaders have a responsibility to prevent violence against women and work with families to create better futures for their people.”


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