Police to remain Neutral

By : Post Courier

Police Chief of Operations Jim Andrews has appealed to members of security forces to take a neutral stand during 2017 National Election.

Mr Andrews issued the warning to all Police, Defence and Correctional Services personnel engaged in the election security operations not to take sides in supporting political parties or candidates.

The directive is to control the misuse of delegated duties, to minimise the abuse of police powers and corrupt practices during the polling and counting periods.

Mr Andrews said due to the importance of polling and the counting of ballot papers he has directed that tight security and safety will be maintained by Police, Defence and CS personnel in all polling and counting locations.

Jim Andrews

Police Chief of Operations Jim Andrews

“I have issued specific directives to all regional and provincial police commanders to maintain and issue these directives to all police personnel under their charge to be neutral at all times,” he said. He directed that security personnel are:

Not to compromise their positions and duties with any person;
Not to harass or intimidate voters for their favourite candidates;
Not to provide police escorts to candidates during campaigns, polling and counting periods; and

To at all time safe-guard a free, fair and safe 2017 National Election.

“I want to see the regional and provincial police commanders and all police personnel at the highest level to maintain their commitment, dedication and loyalty to duty to the Police Commissioner and his senior management.

“Any police personnel of any ranks disobey or ignore these directives will be removed from his or her operational location and to be dealt with by law,” Mr Andrews said.


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