Schools to get another K37.5mil in grants

By : The National

THE Education Department will disburse K37.5 million to primary and elementary schools before the end of next week, Secretary Dr Uke Kombra, pictured, says

“We started the process yesterday (Tuesday),” he said.

“Hopefully before the end of next week, we should have it to all elementary, primary and special education centres.”

He told The National that it should bring the Term Two disbursement to K75 million.




Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra


“We disbursed K37.5 million about two weeks ago to secondary and vocational centres.” Kombra said first priority was given to boarding schools because when they spread K37.5 million among all the schools at once, they ended up getting small amounts.

“That’s why the first K37.5 million we give them straight to the vocational and secondary high school sectors (with boarding students).”

Kombra said every term, K150 million was released by the Treasury and Finance departments to the Education Department to be disbursed to schools.


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