Free education policy vital: PM

By : The National

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says voters have to decide whether to keep the free education policy started by the People’s National Congress Party or support the Opposition’s plan to scrap it.

He made the point when visiting Ialibu in the Southern Highlands where he attended high school.

“I have personal experience
of how hard life is for families
when education is not free,” O’Neill said.

“I went to school in Ialibu and I know how difficult it was for
my mother to find money for school.

“I look around here today and see many of my school friends, and we all know what a challenge it was for many of our parents to pay for school.

“We had to ask for help from
our relatives and people in our village.

“I never want to see that happen to a family again.

“Poor families must be able to get an education just as much as a family with money.”

He said Opposition MPs
wanted to scrap the free education policy.

“The opposition will make parents pay school fees.

“And if families do not have enough money, their children will be thrown out of school.

“Our country is now having an education revolution, and the only way this will continue is if the people bring us back to office so we can continue our work.”


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