PNC has done enough, says Marape

By : The National

Finance Minister James Marape says the People’s National Congress-led Government has done enough over the last five years to be voted back this year.

Speaking at the first campaign rally of Moresby North-West MP and Health Minister Michael Malabag, Marape said: “I am the first to admit that while we may not truly have done everything as a party or as a Government, we have done much better.

“This is whether it be in the health sector, education sector, infrastructure sector, law-and-justice sector,or even in the economic sector.”

He described as “hogwash” all criticism about Government being heavily in debt.

“I want to put it on your level that the fact that we were able to run free education and free health for the last five years –  savings in the pocket of ordinary Papua New Guineans,  money that you would otherwise have spent over five years,” Marape said.

“In the education sector alone, our government has invested on behalf of Papua New Guineans, and more so on ordinary  people.”


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