MPs, public servants urged to work together


POLITICIANS and public servants have been urged to work together to provide services in the provinces and districts.

National Economic and Fiscal Commission member Dr Alphonse Gelu told The National the process of delivering services by public servants must be made effective.

“Politicians should not blame public servants at the national or provincial level (for not doing their jobs) and the public servants should not blame the politicians for interference (in their jobs),” he said.

“MPs make the laws and public servants implement them. But they have gone over that boundary. It’s good for politicians to be delivering services but they are doing the job of public servants.

“These are some of those areas that we need to iron out to make the process of delivering services by the public servants more effective.

“It’s a big challenge for us in terms of delivering services. Most times it can be attributed to a number of factors firstly funding. There is more money now going down to the provinces and districts. But we still need more money.

“Secondly it’s the capacity of the provinces and the districts.”

He said District Development Authority was creating issues.

“They don’t have power, electricity and proper housing for the public servants. There is really nothing in the districts that would attract people to work there. And yet the DDAs are meant to be the main vehicle to deliver services.”

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