Resuscitating the Economy will be a Challenge – Parkop 

June 5, 2017 – BY MATTHEW VARI

Leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Powes Parkop has pointed out the economy as priority number one for the next government.

He said with the economic climate starting to affect society through the increase in social disorder, the SDP party intends to implement five definite proposals that the party will release this week.

“The biggest challenge for the next government is to resuscitate the economy and grow the economy and keep it growing,” Mr Parkop said.

“On my part, as a party leader of SDP, we have a definitive proposal. I will be releasing it definitely to address the economy.”

“We cannot just wait for the commodity price to pick up. We must deal with the foreign exchange problem. It is not an economic problem, it is a man-made problem.”

He maintained his party has the ability to solve the issue, but insisted the need for government intervention.

“We have the capacity to solve this problem one go. It just needs direct intervention from the government.”

“They have the ability to do that, but I don’t know why the government is not moving quickly to solve this foreign exchange problem, because that is squeezing the air out of the economy.”

“The private sector cannot trade efficiently on time so therefore, they cannot grow. How will the economy grow and recover if we do not improve the situation? So I will be announcing on our part as a party what we would like to see after the election,” Mr Parkop added.

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