Ruby Waraniu Kerepa confident of unseating Ben Micah for Kavieng Open

June 8, 2017KAVIENG



Businesswoman and candidate for Kavieng Open, Ruby Waraniu Kerepa, says she is more than capable of taking on the current sitting MP Ben Micah and others, who claim they will be voted in.


She says for too long she’s seen women suffer in New Ireland, especially Kavieng, and most times she has stepped in to assist with small enterprise projects to help, especially the mothers of the island.


“I stand for quality service delivery-health, education, law and order, infrastructure, maritime and transport safety,” Ruby said.


“I also stand for leadership through partnerships, empowerment through equal partnerships, economic transformation and growth and national goals and directive principles, to name a few,” she said. “Em taim bilong senis (It is time for change).


“I have decided to take up the challenge and contest this election, just like all the other intending candidates for a cause – a better Kavieng.”


An independent candidate, Ruby Waraniu Kerepa, box number 25, is standing against 21 others, including current sitting member Ben Micah, for Kavieng Open. She is confident she stands a very good chance of being elected into the 9th Parliament to represent the people of Kavieng.


From Maiom/Panapai villages in the Tigak area and Panamecho village of West Coast Kara, Ruby believes she has the potential to lead Kavieng, especially with her experience in having worked mainly in the private sector, especially the Finance Industry (Banks, Superannuation & Funds Management and Stockbroking) that spanned almost 20 years.


“I left formal employment eight years ago, and have since concentrated on running and managing businesses owned both by my husband and I,” she said.


“I understand the spin doctors, political analysts, political strategists and rumour mills will be all out in full force with their usual smear campaigns and misleading information to cloud judgements of the voting populace, but I believe the time is right, and the time is here, for many a neglected people, who have lost faith in the current status quo of life in reality on the ground, to demand a change of leadership and direction. After all, the power of deciding is in each and everyone’s hands, and they must be allowed to freely exercise that constitutional right in an impartial manner, and that must be respected.”

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