Vote for party with real plans: O’Neill

By : The National

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has called on the people to think of their families when they vote.

Speaking at a People’s National Congress (PNC) campaign rally in Goroka for Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso yesterday, O’Neill condemned attempts by supporters of other candidates to cause disruption that was eventually resolved peacefully. Vote for the party with real plans for our country and our families,” O’Neill said.

“Our policies have delivered over the past five years and changed lives and we will deliver again for our families in the next five years of government.

“When it comes to the economy, we are in a strong position than we were five years ago, and our economy is still growing.”

He said PNG borrow to build infrastructure, all countries have to, how else could we re-build the Highlands Highway, new Hospitals, schools and university campuses?

“We borrow at concessional rates and we pay the loans back on time,” O’Neill said.

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