Call for Family Planning


AN Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Kamo Dumo at Angau Memorial General Hospital is calling on more family planning awareness to be carried out.

Dr Dumo made this call after revealing a high number of births registered for the month of May at the hospital yesterday.

Dr Dumo told Post-Courier that the Obstetric Ward registered a total of 802 babies in May alone which increased immensely from January.

“As of last month we delivered a total of 802 babies and it’s very alarming for such number and for our hospital it is a very big burden because there is no other delivery suite in the province except Angau. With the increasing number, we need more talk and awareness on family planning because if we go on with this rate we will overuse or deplete our resource.

“When we don’t control it here then every other consequence down the line cannot be controlled therefore the main idea is for everyone to plan before making babies because resources cannot cope with such high numbers,” she said.

She said out of the 802 deliveries, 57 cases involved major operations of which 7.1 per cent were caesarian deliveries.

Dr Dumo said according to the Obstetric calculation they go on a ratio of one is to one which is one baby per hour and one could imagine about 24 to 25 babies are born in a day and 600 plus babies for a month.

Hence, a lot more talk and awareness on family planning is needed because family planning is everyone’s business and it should be controlled to alleviate the country’s high population.

Dr Dumo adds that if the trend does not change, there is a possibility of having 9000 babies expected to be delivered in a year.

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