Counting Begins..

Post Courier – July 3, 2017

But many voters missed out on voting due to roll issues


As of 6pm last night, 22 out of the 111 electorates have completed polling and are now preparing to start counting.


Among those that have completed polling are NCD, Hela, Eastern Highlands and parts of Southern Highlands, which includes Ialibu Pangia, the electorate of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill. According to the Electoral Commission, polling is currently underway in 52 electorates, and says the majority will finish in accordance with the gazettal notice, while six electorates are gazetted to commence later in the polling period.


Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato, in an update, said despite a lot of negative publicities and comments, a lot of provinces have completed polling and are ready to begin counting this week.


But the Post-Courier has been inundated with complaints and questions from leaders and citizens on what they described as the most disastrous, bungled and unprofessional conduct by the Electoral Commission in relation to the 2017 Electoral Roll. All over the country, disgruntled citizens and eligible voters are angrily protesting omission of their names from the electoral roll.


In addition, there are also reported huge discrepancies in the number of eligible voters for some electorates.


Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has also appealed to the the Electoral Commission to do everything possible, for every citizen that wants to vote in this Election, to be able to do so by allowing the 2012 and the new rolls to be used together to identify people voting.


“This an important election and people make their choice once every five years, so they must be given the opportunity to exercise that right.

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