Government to establish a Gold Bullion Bank

The Coalition Government of Papua New Guinea has agreed to setup a Gold Bullion Bank for Papua New Guinea in the Alotau Accord 2 Agreement that it’s MP’s signed in Alotau.

As Part of its promised for its people and to strengthen the National Economy and it’s local currency, the Alotau Accord 2 focus more on Economic Growth in the country.

The PNC led Government of O’Neill/Abel puts down-stream processing as its priority and the Gold Bullion Bank is its Top Agenda

Establish a gold bullion bank to address exchange rate challenges.


We undertake to deliver the following priorities over the course of the next five (5) years:

Economic Growth – Revenue Generation, Debt management and expenditure review; economic participation and empowerment, ownership rights and equitable benefit sharing, and business focus

Infrastructure – Continue to develop and maintain key productive infrastructure assets including opening up missing road links and bridges, increasing communication access for rural areas, utilities upgrade (Water and Electricity), housing, air and sea ports;

Law & Order – create safer and secure communities, increase police numbers and discipline, strengthen all levels of courts including villages courts and official, complete rural lock ups and minimize prison breaks.

Education – Continue the Free Education Policy but focus more on increasing quality of teacher training, children learning and infrastructure development including classrooms.

Health – continue the free basic health care and subsidized specialized health care policy and improve health indicators.

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