Dumarinu Prepares to Deliver

August 13, 2017

Source: Post Courier

The new Bougainville Affairs Minster Simon Dumarinu is well prepared and excited to take on the ministerial portfolio.

In a briefing with the National Coordination Office for Bougainville Affairs John Avira, Fr Dumarinu was welcomed with a message that the Bougainville Affairs office had a strong mandate to deliver.

Mr Avira said, “This Parliament will play a decisive role on Bougainville’s future political status. The result of the 2018 referendum will be deliberated on by this Parliament.”

A brief presentation to Fr Dumarinu showcased the process leading the referendum, and Mr Avira pledged his office’s preparedness to work forward with the new minister.

Fr Dumarinu commended the efforts achieved so far and pledged to restore ties and work along existing policies to deliver Bougainville’s referendum.

Fr Dumarinu said he was settling in well and would need the Bougainville Affairs Office to introduce him to all major participants contributing to Bougainville’s future.

In the lead up to Bougainville’s referendum agenda, there are a number of things that the Ministry of Bougainville Affairs, NCOBA, and its partners have to achieve.

They include referendum, weapons disposal, good governance, awareness, leaders dialogue, determination of referendum questions, peace and stability, ex-combatants and Me’ekamui, promoting women’s participation, and post-referendum.

Already up to 45 powers have been transferred to Bougainville with some of them in full operation.

Fr Dumarinu said that his political party leader, NCD Governor Powes Parkop, was conscious of the time remaining to deliver the referendum and as part of the Social Democratic Party policy, the party was prepared to also deliver on its policies to Bougainville.

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