Nali Advises DOW Staff to Work Harder

By : The National


WORKS and Implementation Minister Michael Nali says he is a workaholic and has advised department staff that “we are going to be very, very busy” in the next five years.

He said this yesterday during a ceremony to mark his taking over office from his predecessor Francis Awesa. They are cousins.

Nali, 54, was the Mendi MP from 1992 to 2002. He had been “out of politics” in the past 15 years. He won the seat again this seat and was appointed minister.

As a boilermaker by trade, Nali said he had learned about the virtues of hard work.

“I’m a boilermaker by trade.

“I did not go as far as university. I do not have a diploma. I speak very good English because I was trained by Australians and supervised by American,” he said.

“(But) I can tell you that I’m a workaholic. Because I’m a technical man, I believe in delivery of quality workmanship. I come here with a wealth of experience.

“I’m back in Parliament. I’m your minister and we are all going to be very, very busy.

“Ground rules are these: I have a responsibility, you have a responsibility.

“Here, we work professionally. We are here to do our jobs.

“I’m a very hard guy, I don’t muck around with work.”

He said he did not expect to be addressed “bro” by anyone and he would not address anyone as such.

“In here, (there is) no bro business. Outside this fence, we can be bro.

“I’m here to make sure that we all do the right thing. I’m not here to boast that I am a rocket scientist: I’m just here to tell you what I do, what I’m capable of and how I want us to work together.”

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