Cocoa Board supports Bogia farmers

August 16, 2017

Source: Post Courier | BY ADAM MERA


Bogia district’s cocoa farmers have received a boost from a Cocoa Board of PNG (CBPNG) intervention program that will help them access markets for their produce at delivered-in-store prices.
The district is one of six in Madang province.
Delivered-in-store prices are prices that are not inclusive of transport and freight costs.


The program is called the remote freight subsidy project, and its rollout in the district was made possible by the signing of a memorandum of agreement between CBPNG and service provider Sagalau Limited.
An initial payment of K50,000 too was also made to the service provider by CBPNG.
The K50,000 cheque was presented by the deputy chairman of the CBPNG Board of Directors, Patrick Dissing, in the presence of chief executive officer Boto Gaupu and board members Kelly Kabilo, Tohiana Romeo and Francis Tavatuna.


Mr Gaupu said the K50,000 will subsidise transportation costs Bogia farmers incur when Sagalau Limited is transporting their cocoa to exporters in Madang town.
Mr Gaupu said the program is one of two initiated under the tenure of Mr Gaupu.


The other is the rural nursery project.
The programs were introduced as a means to boost the cocoa industry.
Mr Gaupu said the program is funded under the national government’s Public Investment Program and is rolledout under CBPNG’s special projects office.


He said its main objective is to alleviate issues that have been impeding rural cocoa farmers around the country from accessing markets for their cocoa.
“It allows these farmers to sell their produce at the delivered-in-store prices, putting more money into their pockets.”


“It also acts as a catalyst for cocoa marketing, which in turn promotes growth (to the cocoa industry) by bringing in more cocoa to market depots and facilitating marketing and processing of cocoa and cocoa products.”

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