NHC in Spotlight

By : Post Courier

Housing Minister John Kaupa has directed a major audit of the National Housing Corporation (NHC) and its subsidiary National Housing Estate Limited.

“I do not wish to engage other auditors, the Office of the Auditor-General will be engaged to deal with cleaning up Housing and NHEL. We will continue to work while the investigation is going on”, Minister Kaupa said yesterday.

“There are numerous court proceedings against NHC, and too many investigations ongoing that need scanning and adjustments of the entire corporation and institutions.”

He said that NHC is responsible to build affordable housing for Papua New Guineans but over the years, they have not built one but rather they have been doing the opposite by selling the properties.

Mr Kaupa said almost 70 per cent of property has been sold to maintain salaries and operations.

“The NHEL should make sure the money needed to invest and build more accommodation for working class Papua New Guineans must be exhausted. Yet they too fall short of building one accommodation unit.”

“These are critical institutions that deal with people’s welfare and living. It must be revamped if they do not achieve their functions and objectives,” Mr Kaupa said.

He is determined to erase the negative tag that associates with NHC and NHEL.

“I will bring back NHEL to Housing Corporation if they haven’t been functioning properly”, he said.

Mr John Kaupa also indicated that his office would be located in the Housing Corporation site in Tokarara.

“I want complete stop on all major financial transactions but allow salaries and utilities to continue while we audit and investigate,” he said.

“No more eviction orders will be carried out and no more sales of properties. I am not here to hire and fire anyone.

“I want to make sure there must be structures that support inproviding affordable housing for Papua New Guineans.”

Mr Kaupa also added that the Office of Urbanisation would come under scrutiny.

He said the office have engaged in several huge projects across the country, and he plans to see the report on these projects.


  • Thank you Mr.Kaupa its about time someone is concerned about the wellbeing of his citizens

  • Philemon Walpui Tamari

    Well overdue audit. Positive start Minister. NHC by virtue of Housing Act is responsible for Social Housing and is restricted from any commercial enterprise or activities. NHEL as a registered company is not limited to participate in commercial ventures thus it can be the commercial or money making vehicle of NHC as the mother organization. Minister must make sure both entities synchronize in their operations and unite in cooperation to roll out housing for all Papua New Guineans. There should not be any more competition or challenge between the two entities.

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