MP’s Public Servants told to Cooperate

By : The National


CHIEF Secretary Isaac Lupari (pictured) has urged MPs and public servants to work together for the betterment of the country.

Speaking at the induction of MPs in Port Moresby this week, Lupari said the country had many challenges and the only way to overcome those challenges was for the MPs and public servants to work closer.

“We need to put our heads and work together and together we will overcome all the challenges that we face in the public service and the challenges that our economy and the country face.

“The good relationship between the leaders and the public servants have not been in existence for too long.

“The connection between the leaders and the public servants is very important for all of us and that connectivity comes with principles and values.

“The principles and values in this connectivity and relationship between you and us will work only if it’s based on the virtue of trust, respect and appreciation.

“The virtues of trust, respect and appreciation are the most important virtues and we need to bring them back.

“If we uphold those values then the many challenges ahead of us will be easier to overcome because these virtues are the bridges between the MPs and the public servants.”

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