Farmers welcome MP’s decision to improve district roads

August 21, 2017
Source: The National

PEANUT growers from Jimi in Jiwaka have applauded MP Wake Goi for his commitment to improve the road network in the district.

Wake announced last week that he would make it a priority to improve all roads in Jimi in his first three years in parliament.

He said the Jimi district development authority (DDA) would try all means and ways to ensure the Banz to Karap, Karap to Kol, Karap to Tabibuga and Tabibuga to Koinambe roads were sealed to make the district accessible to the outside world.

Simon Mare, from Por village in Middle Jimi, said it was good news for the people in the rugged district who had put up with bad poor roads for so long.

He told The National that if Jimi was to catch up with the rest of PNG, roads should be the priority development agenda.

“I thank the MP for his insight to improve this key infrastructure. When the roads are in top condition, all other development aspirations fall in line,” Mare said.

“Jimi has been in the dark since independence. If this government is for the people and by the people, it’s time we see some changes.”

Goi assured the people of Jimi that he and his team of district public servants would work hard to fulfil their expectations.

“The roadwork will start right away. We have filled up fuel and are ready to roll,” he said before a cheering crowd.

Mare said that almost every Jimian was a peanut grower. Most farmers switched from coffee to peanuts, he said.

Peanut buyers John Okul and Peter Kaiye from Banz claimed that Jimi had the potential for a peanut butter factory.

“We see the challenges the growers go through. It’s a good move by the MP. Jimi can become the powerhouse of Jiwaka if roads are made better,” Kaiye said.

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