Moresby North East MP to Prioritise Settlement Development

By: Post Courier

Moresby Northeast electorate is set to modernise, under the new leadership of member elect John Kaupa.

The Chimbu man and new Minister for Housing and Urbanisation assured his voters, yesterday after hosting a party to thank his supporters in his Manuti residence outside six mile that all outstanding issues to do with housing around the city would be addressed.

The Metropolitan district that is comprising of a majority of settlers from around Papua New Guinea voted Mr Kaupa to oust PNC sitting member Labi Amaiu. Mr Kaupa tried to get into parliament in three previous elections, but only became successful in this year’s general election.

“I would like to thank you all my supporters, friends and family for your generous support in materials, in kind or even voting me over the years in my attempt to contest every election,” he said.

“I have one aim and that is to serve you in improving our standard of living, so our kids can be educated in better Schools, you have better access to Health facilities, we have better policing to police our city, and everyone irrespective of which gender and  nationality, region or ethnic group you come from, will pursue the happiness of life  to live in harmony as one people and one family  in our city as God intends.”

“In this Election God has been gracious to us by giving us victory. And my win is for every one of you who have supported me. Whether you vote me or another candidate, we will work together to ensure our electorate improves,” said Kaupa.

Mr Kaupa said the North East electorate comprises of a majority of population who are living in the settlement and his tenure in office will see prioritising of projects and services to modernise its residence.

“We are all living in Port Moresby and it has become our home, I will be  working in partnership with the Governor of NCD so proper land title is given to the settlers in consultation with the land owners and Lands Department, so your residence is converted to a proper suburb for government services to flow.” He assured his supporters.

The new member also thanks the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for giving him a Ministry and said that he will ensure the housing department is properly audited and brings back to its reputable status.

“ There will be no more eviction and illegal sales of the National Housing, those who have lived in the NHC property for many years will be given the opportunity to purchase the property on a reasonable price but if they cannot afford some alternatives will be available,” he said.

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  • Thomas Martin :SAMARAI BLOCK, ATS

    A true leader’s message ,good take it into action and see you will walk out of the parliament house with two walking stick .

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