Highlands Honey producers doing well


Highlands Honey, a subsidiary of the New Guinea fruits company based in Goroka is focused on helping farmers increase production on a larger scale.

This was revealed by extension officer of Highlands Honey Solomon Loie in Lae, saying providing bee farmers with equipment, bee boxes allowances and working with the them in Goroka would achieve the elevated status.

“We at Highlands Honey provide bee farmers with technical advice and equipment,” he said.

Mr Loie said they provide advice on how to manage hives, transportation and provide them with bee boxes.

He said Oxfam Pacific International provided fuding and materials to continue work with the farmers.

“We receive funds from Oxfam PNG to support local bee farmers to produce honey, the farmers then sell the honey to us and we bottle them and market them out in shops,” he said.

“While working with bee farmers we stress more on quality and quantity, that is make them produce best and sweat honey at larger amounts.”

He said in Goroka they have two major honey producers, the Highlands Honey and the Helping Hands Honey producers.

“We the honey producers based in Goroka partner with Oxfam PNG to increase the work of bee farming in Goroka and other centers of the highlands region, since highlands climate is suitable to farm bees,” he said.

“The funds given to us by Oxfam is all directed towards helping the farmers by providing fuel for transportation, boxes or hives for honey and allowance for farmers, not only practical equipments but we also provide training and bee farming lessons for the farmers.”

Owner and founder of Helping Hands Honey Producers Kelly Phanta Inae added that their main aim is to develop the honey industry in Papua New Guinea.

“We have started the bee farming in 2006, and had produce honey at small scale, but after partnering with Oxfam PNG the standard as rose, more famers have been recruited and bee producing in Goroka is increasing,” Mr Inae said.

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