Nambawan Super Appoints New Chief Executive

By : The National

NAMBAWAN Super Ltd (NSL) has appointed Paul Sayer as its chief executive to replace Gary Tunstall who left last December.

NSL board chairman Anthony Smaré said Sayer was selected after an extensive international search.

Sayer will lead the K6 billion fund into the next phase of its development.

“We have ambitious plans for where we think the fund should develop and grow, in terms of redefining the services it can provide to its members and their families and contributing to the development of PNG,” Smare said.

“An important factor to achieving the fund’s aspirations for the next four years is obviously the skills, expertise and leadership ability of the person who fills the role of the chief executive.

“We are delighted to appoint Paul Sayer, someone who has outstanding experience across all areas of superannuation, who is deeply committed to innovation and who we believe will help us achieve the fund’s strategic targets.”

Sayer was the chief executive of Twusuper, Australia’s largest industry super fund for the transport and logistics sector.

He was also chief operating officer of Rest Industry

During his time at Rest Industry Super, it was repeatedly recognised as Australia’s best superfund in a numberof different areas andfor a number of different products.

Sayer said he was grateful for the opportunity to be part of improving the retirement outcomes for the Nambawan Super members and also playing a role for the wider community and country through the fund’s investment.

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  • Hope the new CEO will recoup the monies own by NSL to the Government.
    This ia a great concern as a member. Our membees who have resigned have not got their state share

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