Mapex Graduation Sees Many Teens Strive for Excellence

By : Post Courier

281 students graduated with various certificates from Mapex Training Institute last Friday (25/08/17).

The courses ranged from Business to Computing, Occupational Health & Safety and Paralegal studies.

Speaking at the ceremony, guest speaker Raymond Negehove urged the students to maintain perseverance and a good work ethic as these are very important in their journey to search for jobs and begin building their lives.

Mr Negehove made an example of himself through recounting his personal experience as a drop out from the normal education process.

He told the students that failing to secure a place in high school or national high school was not the end and does not deem them as failures; adding the he too had had such experiences as a young man.

Mr Negehove dropped out of school at grade 6, then at grade 10 and then again at grade 12 but that did not stop him from moving forward and attaining the skills, knowledge, experience and the job he currently has.

He is the coordinator of Health, Safety and Environment with Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited, a job he recently secured after returning from his former job in Western Australia.

Mr Negehove concluded his speech with the words of famous American Essayist, poet and teacher – Ralph Waldo Emerson “Do not follow where the path leads but do instead where there is not path and leave a trail”.

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