Graduate Ready to Help Community

BY JEFFREY ELAPA ( Post Courier )

A young man from the oil and gas rich area of Lake Kutubu, Southern Highlands Province, is prepared to help his community to manage landowner funds well to benefit the people, after graduating from one of the most prestigious universities in the United Stated.

Asi Ibusubu, from Daga village, Pimaga, Lake Kutubu, one of the remotest part of the province, also became one of the first person from the area to graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in banking and finance, specialising investment management in the School of Business and Economics at the Atlantic International University in the online program.

Ibusubu who also has a Degree from the University of PNG said attaining a degree from a university in the United States of America is a milestone achievement for himself, his family, tribe, province and the country.

“I have acquired a lot of knowledge from this university, which makes it far more than a step between college and the real world but rather a stepping stone to my future,” he said.

He said Papua New Guinea is rich in natural resources that generate an estimated K13.42 billion that assist in the overall development.

The US$19 billion PNG LNG projects double the Papua New Guinea’s economy.

He said landowners receive royalties and equities and other non-cash benefits for social, business and infrastructure developments but they spend it on unplanned projects.

He said there is a need to focused on the delivery of core social functions, such as the provision of a stable and non-distorting policy aimed at building and sustaining the development of a modern market, and legislative and regulatory frameworks, social business, social services, social security and social infrastructure which would lead to the improvement in the delivery of essential services to all Papua New Guineans.

He said he learnt a great deal about “the creation of social business to guide the benefits of oil and gas projects for the affected indigenous landowners of Papua New Guinea” that he can now be able to draw-up their development guidelines and policies to manage and guide the money derived from the oil and gas projects.

“This means, I have developed a concept on how to manage landowner funds that government can direct those funds through proper mechanism to discards misuse and abuse of landowner funds.

“The existing management mechanism is weak and unable to control and guide the landowner monies,” he said.


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