IGIS Lacks Capacity To Support IFMS

Source: Post Courier Online


With the call from the Chief Secretary to government, for all government departments to migrate their networks to the newly established Integrated Government Information System (IGIS), issues have surfaced regarding IGIS’s capacity to support government systems.

Special concerns have been raised by finance secretary Dr Ken Ngangan that IGIS’s does not meet the specifications required to support the finance departments new Integrated Finance Management System (IFMS).

“We’ve got issues with bandwidth, but we are negotiating for an increase in bandwidth so that we can operate our IFMS. We are also asking IGIS and DataCo to increase their coverage both here and around the country, so that we can move on to a national platform,” said Mr Ngangan.

Dr Ngangan said that he supported the idea of hosting government Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems on a government platform, but stressed that capacity was not a challenge, but one that also posed a great risk.

“The intention is that government systems must run on government platforms. That’s the idea, but those platforms need to be strong enough to support them. The danger that we face is that if those platforms are not strong enough and they fall, the system falls and the blame comes back to us,” said Dr Ngangan.

However, Dr Ngangan said that the Department of Finance has had ongoing talks with the Department of Communication and Information and DataCo, the government owned internet service provider (ISP) to enhance IGIS capabilities.

“We are continuously talking to them to provide that platform to run IFMS. We’re talking to DataCo and IGIS to make sure that the platform that they are working on is strong enough and wide enough to run IFMS.

IFMS is already operational and is currently being carried on the Digicel network. There are also government systems which are being carried on alternative commercial ISP’s, most of which would stand to lose business if all government departments migrate to IGIS.


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